Coffee Break Innovation

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Product Description


The ability to renew ourselves has never been more important. But how do we do it – one step at a time?

Try to think back to when you last had an excellent idea. One of those you felt in your entire body. Where were you? You were probably not at work nor in a brainstorm session!

Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) is a design sprint and a new way to work with innovation and new thinking – and the best part is – you don’t need to learn anything ahead, you will discover and develop along the way. 

It is an agile innovation concept that takes advantage of both individual and team performance. But most importantly, it takes into account that we are individuals and peak creatively in different ways. 

For seven days short videos and exercises will guide you towards the goal, and at the same same allow you to follow your own curiosity.

As opposed to other design-sprints you only spend 3×20 minutes per day. This might seam like a short time, but being guided and being focused, this is all you need.

> An introduction to a step-by-step method to work with innovation and new thinking
> How du spend less time and be more effective by being creative at the right time
> A workbook and daily videos that will guide you and your team every step of the way
> Learn the absolute most important benefit by working with Individual Co-creation

Two versions

You will find this course in two versions: “Coffee Break Innovation Leader” and “Coffee Break Innovation Contributor”. This course is the leader version.

The leader version contains more background info and is designed for the person leading the design sprint. Coffee Break Innovation Contributors is designed for the participants and contains only part of the videos from Leader.

When buying this course – please contact and let me know how many contributors you will need. You will need one licens for every person participating in your sprint. A contributor licens costs DKK: 499,-

Both “Coffee Break Innovation Leader” and “Coffee Break Innovation Contributor” will only be available in English


Each participant will get a 64 pages workbook with daily exercises and guidance to develop new ideas.

You can buy the course as a facilitated process where I will facilitate the beginning and the end. The rest of the days will be guided through short daily videos.

You can also choose to run the design sprint on your own. I this case you can buy the online course. In the online course you will need a leader and some contributors. The leader will have a special version of the online course and will be guided on how to run the sprint.