Naked Goat Playground is an online learning platform where I will teach you how to become more creative in a corporate world.


Coffee Break Innovation

Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) is a design sprint and a new way to work with innovation and new thinking.

It is an approach that takes both individually and team achievements into account.

For seven days we work in short sprints of 20 minutes, three times per day. This creates a space for following your curiosity single handed and as a team.

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Co-creation Management

The Naked Goat Method

The Naked Goat Method is a process that gives an understanding of idea generation and facilitation as a discipline – and of course hand-on tools and methods on how to create a lot better ideas.

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Content is King

Branding på sociale medier

Uanset om du driver en virksomhed, arbejder som content writer, eller leder efter drømmejobbet, så ved du, at engagerende indhold er vejen frem. Men det er nemt at løbe tør for ideer, der både skaber værdi for dine læsere og i sidste ende kunder i butikken. Med dette digitale kursus får du uudtømmelige idéer til at skabe engagerende indhold.

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Personal sparring

Be sure to get the absolute best ideas. If you have purchased one of my products and want sparring or feedback on your ideas and thoughts, you have the opportunity to buy personal sparring where I will brainstorm together with you on your topics.

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