Coffee Break Innovation


Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) is a design sprint where you and your colleagues work with innovation and new ways of thinking.

For three days you work individually for 20 minutes, three times per day.

Try to think back to when you last got a really good idea. One of those you felt in your entire body. Where were you? You were probably not at work nor in a brainstorm session!


Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) is a design sprint and a new way to work with innovation and new thinking.

It is an approach that takes both individually and team achievements into account.

Through a step-by-step framework we define our goal and our creative boundaries together. When the creative boundaries are set, each participant will be handed a challenge to solve over several days, spending 20 minutes, three times per day.

This creates a space for following your curiosity single handed and as a team.

The goal with Coffee Break Innovation is to create a sharper starting point and to give time for inspiration and reflection to develop our innovative potential in a more efficient way.


CBI takes advantage of when individuals peak creatively so that each participant can perform their best when feeling the most creative.

By mixing team work and individual challenges we gain the best of both worlds. We start out as a team setting the direction. After that we take out time to work focused alone, and finally we meet up as a team to make all the pieces fit together. This is what I call Individual Co-Creation.


Once the foundation is set, a Coffee Break Innovation Sprint only takes 5,5 hours to complete in total.

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