- Get remarkably better ideas

No matter if you are going to brainstorm on a marketing campaign, customer journeys, product development or how to create change, I design and facilitate your ideation and prepare everything, so that you can lean back and discover the ideas you didn’t think you had.

20 years of experience

I have worked professionally with ideation for more than 20 years and have managed creative processes in both small and large groups. With my background in advertising and my education in behavioural design I have designed and perfected a process that guides you all the way and opens up your creativity.

Six phases to better ideas

In the first phase we seek inspiration. But it is not the inspiration itself that’s interesting. It is what it makes people think, say and do that’s interesting. So in this phase we spend time analysing and break down the inspiration into tiny fractions.

In this phase we reflect on the fractions from the inspiration. We use a method called Power Questions, where we sit in silence and each person write down questions, combining fractions from our inspiration together with the challenge we are trying to solve. No ideas. Only questions.

The two previous phases foster a lot of ideas. And in this phase we write them down. And with a big pile of Power Questions this session will never die out. Every time we are out of ideas we pick up another Power Question – read it out loud, and brainstorm in that direction.

I this phase each group takes their best idea and swop it with an idea from the other groups. Now the job is to make this idea even better. Not to judge or comment. To improve.

When all ideas have been refined we sort them after a system that reveals the potential of the idea. This gives a good indication on which ideas to move forward with.

In the final phase we take the best ideas and make a plan for how we are going to test these ideas. Do we want to make a prototype, and how do we evaluate it?

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