About Naked Goat

About Naked Goat

Naked Goat is a symbol of the shyness that we have for creativity. Of course the goat is naked – It’s a GOAT. But as soon as we say it out loud shyness comes along. It's just the same with ideas.

An idea can sound amazing in your head but terrible when it comes out of your mouth. Often times it’s our shyness that makes us doubt because we know that our idea will be judged immediately.

I have founded Naked Goat because I truly believe that everybody is creative, and I truly believe that creative minds are the most valuable skill in a corporate world.

Company Address:

Naked Goat
Bjarkesvej 13, 3.th
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Tel. +45 5050 7063

Office Address:

Naked Goat at IT-Kartellet
Lygten 39
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV

About Dan Ravn

My name is Dan. I have worked with creativity in the industry of advertising since 1998 – primarily as an Art Director. I have worked creatively with clients like:

Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Novozymes, Volvo, Viasat, Carlsberg,
Grimbergen, Jacobsen, Dong, Statoil, Nivea, Arla, Nybolig, NCC

Besides from creativity my big passion is human behaviour and how we can influence it.

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